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Our goal is to not only to
provide outstanding service, but also to remain current on all issues which affect the settlement of your case including Medicare Set-Aside Allocations, life care plans, medical cost trends, long term disability and social security issues, etc.

Maximize your settlement

The most effective step that can be taken to insure you receive maximum value for your settlement dollar is to engage the services of a Structured Settlement Broker who specializes in the settlement of Workers’ Compensation claims.

Case Value

We are able to work with you in determining the fair value of even the most complex case.  Through the use of doctor reports, payment histories and Life Care Plans, we can provide present value figures from which you can create an appropriate settlement range.


We can assist in negotiation of the settlement either through direct contact or by providing useful strategies based on the facts of you particular case.

Medicare Set-Aside  Allocation

Some form of Allocation needs to be created regarding monies received in the settlement for future medical care as they pertain to the type of expenses Medicare would otherwise be responsible for. Currently, there are several different methods and procedures for determining the Allocation. We can assist you in determining the best approach to take: a MSA created by the Applicant’s Attorney, a MSA created by a professional outside vendor, and/or whether Medicare should be approached for pre-approval.

Social Security Characterizations

As your Settlement Specialist, with access to the various present value figures and potential reduced life expectancies, we can assist in characterizing the settlement in the best light possible in terms of minimizing any potential Social Security offsets. Present value cost figures are essential in creating and working with the Hartman formula, which becomes part of the Structured Settlement C & R.

Documentation Review

We will review the C & R document to ensure that all necessary language is included and correct, especially that language pertaining to the tax free status of the payments.

Proven Approach

Over the past twenty-five years, Structured Settlements have been used in increasing numbers to resolve Workers’ Compensation cases. There are several reasons why a structured settlement provides advantages not found in other forms of resolution.

Tax Free Benefits

Pursuant to I.R.C. 104 (a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, all payments are “tax free”. The Code allows for the tax free accrual of interest on the sum of money used to fund the “periodic payments”. As a result, the applicant receives greater benefits than would otherwise be available by the applicant investing the money themselves.

Stephen Chapman

Steven F. Chapman


Specializing in Structured Settlements for Workers’ Compensation cases

Steven is the managing partner of the California office of National Settlement Consultants. He has been involved in the structured settlement industry since 1986. His office has participated in settlements totaling more than $1 billion over the last 5 years. Steven’s expertise extends to all issues affecting the settlement of the work comp case including Medicare Set-Aside Allocations, life care plans, medical cost trends, long term disability and social security, etc.

In addition to his business development and management responsibilities, Steven works with clients throughout the country in an effort to resolve workers’ compensation cases utilizing structured settlements. He also handles personal injury law suits, attorney fee structures as well as disability and contract buyouts. Steven is a frequent speaker for many organizations including the California Applicants’ Attorney Association (CAAA) and conducts seminars on the use of settlement annuities in claims resolution and Medicare Set-Asides.

Steven received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business & Psychology from Redlands University. He is a member of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA).

Steve Chapman, Stefanie Plotkin and Gregg Chapman, along with our expert administrative support team provide a combined 60 years of Structured Settlement experience.

Stefanie PlotkinStefanie V. Plotkin


Gregg Chapman

Gregg M. Chapman